Bear Bistro Menu


Chicken & Apricot Rillette - $9 GF,NF,DF   

Feta Olivada - $8 GF,NF,V 

Trio of Marinated Olives - $7 GF,NF,DF,VE  

Summer Squash & Mushroom Conserva - $8 GF, DF, NF, VE


all sandwiches served with side choice of fries, green salad or seasonal salad 

Bolter Farm Burger - $19   GFO, DFO, NF / local grass-fed beef, tomato, Strub’s pickle, lettuce, red onion quickles, aioli & ketchup add pork belly- $3 // add aged local cheddar- $3

Veggie Burger - $18   GFO, DFO, NF, V / plant-based patty, tomato, Strub’s pickle, lettuce, red onion quickles, aioli & ketchup add aged local cheddar $3, add smashed avocado $3

Crispy Chicken Sandwich - $19   GFO, DF, NF / sichuan honey glaze, kimchi slaw, shredded iceberg lettuce, Strub’s pickles, aioli 

Cutter Ranch Banh Mi - $19   GFO, DF, NF / BBQ pork, pickled carrot, daikon & cucumber, Creston hot peppers, kaffir lime mayo, toasted sesame seeds, coriander leaf, crispy hoagie V- substitute satay tofu

Sides  / $6

Shoestring French Fries

3 Crows Greens, BC vegetables with Robertson red wine vinaigrette         

Seasonal Salad, inspired by market vegetables

SWEET TREATS $9 / each

Ice Cream Sandwich  NF / frozen parfait, shortbread

Island Flakie  NF / puff pastry dough, vanilla buttercream, BC seasonal fruit jelly

Maple Leaf Cookie / pecan shortbread, maple buttercream

Sundae NF / frozen lemon parfait, white velvet cake, BC fruit confit, white chocolate chantilly, crumble

Vegan Treats  $9/each

Daddy-O Bar DF, GF / almond shortbread, date caramel, dark chocolate ganache

Creamsicle Bar GF, DF, NF / orange & coconut parfait, graham cookies

Sorbetto, BC fruit GF NF DF


Junior Burger - $12   GFO, DFO, NF / with cheese, lettuce, pickles, ketchup choice of fries or veggies

Cheese Pizza - $10   NF, V / served with fresh veggies

Crispy Chicken Strips - $11  GF, DF, NF / choice of fries or veggies

Mac ‘n Cheese - $10 NF, V / bowtie noodles with lodge-made cheese sauce served with fresh veggies

Kids Treats

Ice cream or Sorbetto, BC fruit   $5

 Sundae $7 vanilla frozen parfait, white velvet cake, fruit, chantilly, sprinkles

Maple Leaf cookie $6


 GF: gluten free/gluten free option
DF: dairy free/dairy free option
NF: nut free/nut free option
V: vegetarian/vegetarian option
VE: vegan/vegan option


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