Media & Dronesat Island Lake Lodge

Drone Use

Drone use is not permitted on the Island Lake Lodge property unless by special permission.  

Island Lake Lodge is located on 7,000 acres of private land.

All drone use inquiries are to be made to the CEO – Dave Morrison  

To be considered to operate a drone on the Island Lake property, the following criteria must be met:

  • All drone users shall have an advanced drone operators’ certificate as provided by Transport Canada
  • All drones must also be registered with Transport Canada
  • A flight plan and schedule must be provided as part of the request
  • Island Lake guests must not be impacted in any way. Either by noise or visually 
  • Ascent Helicopters in Fernie must be notified in advance of the flight (24 hours is preferred. 2 hours before the flight as a minimum)

Transport Canada Guidelines

Media Request Form

Island Lake Lodge regularly hosts media on assignment from around the world.
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