Conditions Report:

Dust Off Your Hiking Boots!

Welcome to Island Lake Lodge!  There is plenty of snow left on some of our trails and some of the trail signs are not up at this time of the year.   Please report any hazards on the trails to our Front desk staff.

LAKE TRAIL: The trail is closed.  Mama Moose and her 2 calves are around. Aggressive behavior was observed over the weekend. For everyone’s safety the trail is closed for the time being.

RAIL TRAIL:  The trail is decent shape.  Snap a photo at its “iconic photo spot #17”, tag @islandlakelodge in your post on Instagram & show your Bear Bistro server to receive a $27 Burger + Beer Deal! 

LAZY LIZARD BIKING TRAIL: This trail is riding well.  Please remember this is a multi-use trail, with up and down traffic. Please refrain from shuttling.

OLD GROWTH TRAIL: This trail is in good shape.  There is one fallen tree over the trail.  You can cross underneath it to access the remainder of the trail.  

FIR TRAIL: The trail is mostly snow free and in good condition.

SPINEBACK: ***This trail has been partially inspected up to 1600m – beyond this, the trail is still heavily snow covered. Use caution, expect to encounter fallen trees, 100 meters heavy trail damage and snow on most of the trail.  Not recommended at this time of the year.  ***

GOLDILOCKS LOOP (Via Spineback trail): Mostly snow covered.  Challenging hiking and route finding.  Not recommended at this time of the year. 

TAMARACK TRAIL AND THE VIEWPOINT: The trail is in good shape.  There is snow at the top of the trail.

BALDY LOOP: The trail is in good shape from the Lodge to the top of North Baldy where you can find a picnic table.  The remainder of the trail is still mostly snow covered and has no trail signage. 

BIG WHITE PEAK ROUTE: Mostly snow covered.  Challenging hiking.  Not recommended at this time of the year. 

CABIN ROUTE (Via OLD GROWTH TRAIL) and LIZARD LAKE ROUTE (Via RAIL TRAIL and Via GORBY) and HEIKO’S TRAILExpect snow and fallen trees. Use at your own risk***Please check our operations calendar to make sure our access road is open if you want to leave your vehicle in our parking lot***


Fire Hazard Rating

Very Low











Posted June 18, 2024