Current Conditions

Conditions Report:

The trails are ready for you.

LAKE TRAIL: Take a two minute walk down to “The Beach” and find some of the best views of the Three Bears peaks. Continue along the well maintained loop for a casual hike with the entire family.

RAIL TRAIL: Follow this trail to find bits and pieces of Island Lake history! Old railway ties and vehicle parts can be seen to those who are looking. Viewpoints along the way give a neat perspective of the Three Bears peaks.

LAZY LIZARD BIKING TRAIL: The trail still has some wet sections. Please walk muddy sections to help the trail. This is an up and down trail, please refrain from shuttling to reduce congestion with Covid. Teach your family the value of earning your ride!

OLD GROWTH TRAIL: This is our top choice for the rainy days and warm days as it has a good canopy. The trail is in good shape.

FIR TRAIL: A nice additional loop to the Lake trail if you are looking to spend a bit more time in nature. Usually a bit less traffic as well!

SPINEBACK: The trail is in good shape and the wildflowers are in bloom. This is an Island Lake favorite! Moose and bears also like this trail. Be wildlife aware.

GOLDILOCKS LOOP: The trail is still partly covered with snow. If you are looking for an adventure you can navigate you way around Baby Bear and you will find the trail uncovered in some places. A bear’s den is visible from the trail and it’s a good reminder that there is active wildlife activity. Be bear aware.

TAMARACK TRAIL AND THE VIEWPOINT: The trail is now cleared from downed trees and long grass and is ready for you! When you hike to the top of the trail take a left at the junction with Heiko’s trail to reach the real summit.

BALDY LOOP: We recommend doing the loop using the trail head below the Red eagle Lodge. This trail takes you through some of our favorite ski runs. From the top you have beautiful views of the Cedar Valley, the Lizard range and Dibble glacier.

BIG WHITE PEAK ROUTE: Adventure seekers, there is no trail. You will have to navigate your way through this landscape of limestone and karst formations to find your way up to the summit from the Spineback trail.

HEIKO’S TRAIL: The trail is in good shape. Water is scarce, pack accordingly.

CABIN ROUTE AND LIZARD LAKE ROUTE: We currently have no information on these trails. Use at your own risk. Feel free to update us with any information you do have!

Posted August 1, 2020