Current Conditions

Conditions Report:

Celebrate good trails, c'mon!!

Extreme Fire Hazard. Be aware of where you place your bike as the hot brakes could cause dry grass to catch fire!

LAKE TRAIL: Use caution as we have a lot of wildlife including a Mama Moose with 2 calves. If you see any wildlife, turn around and go back. Avoid going around the animal as this may not be leaving them enough space and can create a dangerous human/wildlife conflict.

RAIL TRAIL: Is perfect for the whole family or for you runners out there! A good trail to go and hide from the heat.

LAZY LIZARD BIKING TRAIL: And Project 9 are open again! Please use extreme caution when traveling on these trails. Make more noise than you have ever made and strongly consider leaving your dogs at home for now. Trail change: Enjoy the new connector to the Island Lake parking lot.

OLD GROWTH TRAIL: New stairs have been put in to help with some of the “steeper” sections, feel the burn! This is our top choice for the rainy days and warm days as it has a good canopy.

FIR TRAIL: The trail is in good shape. Enjoy big old trees like the Douglas Fir and Red Cedars.

SPINEBACK: Take your time coming down the talus section. The loose rocks here can be hard on knees and ankles. Look out for fossils where you enter the talus.

GOLDILOCKS LOOP: A few sections of the trail are snow covered but it’s melting quickly! Follow the orange dots after the snow patch to make sure you are on the trail. If you are scrambling, you are off trail! The back side of The Valley has been washed out, so we recommend doing this trail clockwise.

TAMARACK TRAIL AND THE VIEWPOINT: Trail maintenance in progress. To access the Viewpoint you will need to follow the signage and use the upper loop.

BALDY LOOP: Watch for loose rocks on your way down! We recommend hiking this trail counterclockwise. Once you get to the top you will see a picnic table and a bench.

BIG WHITE PEAK ROUTE: Adventure seekers, there is no trail. You will have to navigate your way through rock to find your way up to the summit from the Spineback trail.

CABIN ROUTE, LIZARD LAKE ROUTE and HEIKO’S TRAIL: Those routes have overgrown sections and a few trees down.

Posted July 31, 2021