Conditions Report:

Hiking is my therapy


Welcome to this wildlife paradise.  Be aware, keep your distance from any wildlife, keep dogs on a leash and make lots of noise while hiking and biking!

*IMPORTANT: temporary closures due to dangerous wildlife activity*

*LAKE TRAIL:  The west side of this trail is closed. You can hike to the beach and to the viewpoint on the south side, and still access I Dew Point, the Old Growth and Fir Trails.

RAIL TRAIL:  The trail is in good shape. 

LAZY LIZARD BIKING TRAIL:   There is a big old cedar tree down across the trail.  Use the walkaround and have a look inside of the tree.  Thank you to our Head Eagle for helping with this project. 

OLD GROWTH TRAIL:  The trail is in good shape and has had a fresh cut.  Enjoy! 

*FIR TRAIL:  Due to the trail closure, this trail is currently an out-and-back to the closed sign. The trip will be approximately 4km from the lodge and back. To access the trail, head left on the Lake Trail.

*SPINEBACK:  Due to the closure, this trail must be accessed from the Fir Trail. This detour adds approximately 2km to the total length of the hike.

GOLDILOCKS LOOPExpect a few patches of snow hiding sections of the trail.  If you are scrambling, you are off trail.  Look for the orange spray paint dots.  Be careful travelling through the upper valley as some sections of the trail are washed out.  We are working on improving this!

TAMARACK TRAIL AND THE VIEWPOINT:  The trail is in good shape.  Enjoy the 2021 reroute to the Viewpoint (no more staircase) and the freshly cut grass. 

*BALDY LOOPDue to the closure, this trail is currently an out-and-back, accessed from the trailhead behind the Red Eagle Lodge. Enjoy the hike up to the North Baldy summit where you will find a picnic table and lots of wildflowers.  The West side of the loop is closed temporarily.   

BIG WHITE PEAK ROUTE:  Adventure seekers, there is no trail.  You will have to navigate your way through rock and challenging terrain to find your way up to the summit from the Spineback trail. 


HEIKO’S TRAIL:  Expect fallen trees.  Look at our operations calendar to make sure our access road is open on the day of your adventure.



Posted August 12, 2022