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Our Fall Favorites: Hiking, hiking and more hiking!

SIGHTINGS OF MOOSE AND BEARS ON OUR TRAILS AND AROUND THE LODGE. Be aware of your surroundings, use extra caution and give space to all wildlife. Don’t forget to tag our Iconic Photo Spots with their unique hashtags. You could win a $100 gift certificate!

-Hike and bike with care during wet and slippery conditons!

LAKE TRAIL: Take a two minute walk down to “The Beach” and find some of the best views of the Three Bears mountains. Continue along the well maintained loop for a casual hike with the entire family.

RAIL TRAIL: Follow this trail to find bits and pieces of Island Lake history! Old railway ties and vehicle parts can be seen to those who are looking. Viewpoints along the way give a neat perspective of the Three Bears mountains.

LAZY LIZARD BIKING TRAIL: Small upgrades are continually happening on this trail to make the uphill and downhill friendly to all riders. The trail is currently a bit muddy so take it easy out there!

OLD GROWTH TRAIL: You will come across a short rerouted section about 10 minutes from the Old Growth parking lot. It is still soft and full of roots, watch your footing.

FIR TRAIL: A small tree leaning over the trail (around the viewpoint) might make our taller hiking friends duck down a little.

SPINEBACK: Always an Island Lake favorite, this trail offers such diversity, you will wonder if you are still on the same trail! Watch for Pika’s in the rock garden, scurrying around and making their homes winter ready.

GOLDILOCKS LOOP: Hike it counter clockwise unless you have doubts about your knees. The wet weather will have helped some sections become “tacky” and others more slippery. Be ready!

TAMARACK TRAIL AND THE VIEWPOINT: Our “Rock Garden” before the viewpoint is currently receiving a good clean up! Not completed just yet though so watch your footing in the sections we haven’t finished yet.

BALDY LOOP: Berries, berries and more berries! Raspberries, Huckleberries, and Strawberries, collect them all!

BIG WHITE PEAK ROUTE: Adventure seekers, there is no trail. You will have to navigate your way through this landscape of limestone and karst formations to find your way up to the summit from the Spineback trail.

HEIKO’S TRAIL: Snowy conditions will exist at and around the Three Sisters Pass. Good news is that there will be more water for those interested in staying overnight!

CABIN ROUTE: The trail is steep and overgrown in some sections. One small tree down but you can easily step over it. When you get to the alpine you have to look for cairns to find your way.

Posted September 21, 2019