Conditions Report:

Fall onto our beautiful trails!

Welcome to this wildlife paradise.  Be aware, keep your distance from any wildlife, keep dogs on a leash, and make lots of noise while hiking and biking!

LAKE TRAIL:  This trail is in great shape. Be wildlife aware as Mama Moose and her calf enjoy this area too. Take a two-minute walk down to “The Beach” and find some of the best views of the Three Bears peaks.

RAIL TRAIL:  The trail is in good shape and is perfect for the whole family or for you runners out there!  A good trail to go and hide from the rain.

LAZY LIZARD BIKING TRAIL:  The trail is in good shape.  We are working on improving the drainage in the upper section of the trail.   If you see us on the trail, please slow down until it safe to pass us. 

OLD GROWTH TRAIL:  The trail is in good shape.  Take your time on some of the narrow side-hill sections. This is our top choice for the rainy days as it has a good canopy.    

FIR TRAIL:  This trail is in great shape.  Enjoy big old trees like the Douglas Fir and Red Cedars.

SPINEBACK:  Be wildlife aware as there have been several recent sightings of a moose on this trail. The trail is in great shape, thanks to improvements made to the first steep pitch.

GOLDILOCKS LOOPThis trail will bring you to some rocky terrain.  If you are scrambling, you are off trail.  Follow the blue spray paint dots to stay on the trail through the rocky sections.  Be careful travelling through the upper valley as some sections of the trail are washed out.  We are working on improving this zone!

TAMARACK TRAIL AND THE VIEWPOINT:  The trail is in good shape.  Enjoy the 2021 reroute to the Viewpoint (no more staircase, and dog friendly).

BALDY LOOP:  The trail is in great shape.  We recommend starting this hike using the trailhead at the bottom of the Red Eagle Lodge. Enjoy the views from the picnic table at the top!

BIG WHITE PEAK ROUTE:  Adventure seekers, there is no trail.  You will have to navigate your way through rock and challenging terrain to find your way up to the summit from the Spineback trail. 


HEIKO’S TRAIL:  Expect fallen trees. * Summer 2022, Island Lake Lodge has days where there isn't motorized road access beyond the lower parking lot. All hikers should check-in with the office at least 24 hours prior to the hike to inquire if staff are available to accommodate road access. Please call 250-423-3700. *

Posted September 23, 2022