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“Island Lake Lodge has been a staple and influencer in the catskiing business since its inception. From the history to the terrain as detailed in the book by industry luminaries like Leslie Anthony and Mark Gallup, this place remains a fixture on any powder skier’s wish list.” 

– John Stifter, Editor, Powder Magazine


 “Island Lake Lodge was something to aspire to while growing up. It seemed like a utopian destination tucked deep in the Kootenays, and every single image of the place showed ridiculously deep snow, unique alpine terrain and steep chutes. When I first started reading about it, it stirred up emotions in me that I never knew I had. I quit my job working at a sawmill and moved to Fernie, partly because of Island Lake Lodge’s media presence in the ‘90s.”  

– Mike Berard, Editor, Coast Mountain Culture

“I’ve made countless trips to Island Lake Lodge during the winter months, and in my opinion, it is the premiere catskiing operation in all of BC. Over twenty-five years of mountain operation experience, combined with some of the finest Rocky Mountain lodging and meals, has created the ultimate backcountry ski destination. The dramatic relief of the Lizard Mountains and enormous annual snowfall generates some of the best natural high alpine and steep tree skiing in North America. It’s great to see it documented in such a beautiful book.”  

– Scot Schmidt, Pro Skier 


“From a world leader in the purveyor of powder and posh alpine settings, Island Lake Lodge continues to pique our interest in the genre of catskiing through imagery and the printed word. Pushing its best-selling cookbook down the shelf, Island Lake’s history book makes a fascinating read, and its coffee table photography is enticing visual entertainment. Overall, a lovely distraction.” 

 – Iain MacMillan, Editor, Ski Canada Magazine

Past Articles

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