Iconic Photo Spots

at island lake lodge

"Take A Hike" Trail of the Week! 

What It Is: 
Hike the trail of the week and finish your day on our Bear Patio with an ice-cold Fernie beer and wagyu burger deal! 

How It Works:
Hike our “trail of the week”, snap a photo at its “iconic photo spot”, tag @islandlakelodge in your post on Instagram & show your Bear Bistro server to receive a $27 Burger + Beer Deal! 

Trail Schedule: (remember to check the calendar and plan your visit) 

        Week 1: Rail Trail - Iconic Photo Spot #17
        (June 14th-June 25th)

        Week 2: Old Growth - Iconic Photo Spot #6
        (June 28th-July 2nd) 

        Week 3: North Baldy - Iconic Photo Spot #9 
        (July 7th-July 16th) 

        Week 4: Tamarack Viewpoint - Iconic Photo Spot #10
        (July 21st-July 30th) 

        Week 5: Spineback - Iconic Photo Spot #7
        (Aug 2nd-Aug 6th) 

        Week 6: Goldilocks - Iconic Photo Spot #13 
        (Aug 8th-Aug 13th) 

        Week 7: Lake Trail - Iconic Photo Spot #3 
        (Aug 16th-Aug 20th) 



Challenge yourself to find all 20 iconic photo spots spread over our entire trail system. The spots are identified using a white sign that lists the hashtag and the unique number of the spot.

#1 – The Boat Launch

The most photographed place at Island Lake. #islandlakelodge1

#2 – I Dew Point

This iconic ceremony spot makes for fantastic wedding photos. #islandlakelodge2

#3 – The Lake Bench

This romantic bench on the lake trail offers a unique view of the island and lodge. #islandlakelodge3

#4 – Moose Grass Lookout

The grassy bank on the west side of the lake is a perfect moose viewing area and offers another view of the lake and Lizard Range. #islandlakelodge4

#5 – Fir Trail / Cedar and Fir Grove

The Fir trail is an easy extension to the Lake trail and has some magnificent groves of old growth forest including giant Douglas Fir and Cedar trees. This spot also has an interpretive sign describing the Old Growth Forest. #islandlakelodge5

#6 – Old Growth Trail

More trees! This photo spot features giant Old Growth Cedar trees! #islandlakelodge6

#7 – Spineback Bench Bonsai Tree

The top of the Spineback trail offers a spectacular view, including the famous “Scot Schmidt” Bonsai tree.   #islandlakelodge7

#8 – Spineback Upper Bench

The upper Spineback bench is located amongst alpine wildflowers of all colours. #islandlakelodge8

#9 – Mt. Baldy Summit

The top of Mt Baldy offers a 360 degree view of the valley, Lizard Range and Mt Fernie. #islandlakelodge9

#10 – Tamarack Viewpoint

The Tamarack Viewpoint gives hikers a unique panoramic view of the lodge, lake and Lizard Range. #islandlakelodge10

#11 – Lazy Lizard Lookout

The popular Lazy Lizard bike trail includes machine built berms, bridges and Old Growth forest. The photo spot offers a view of the 3 Bears and Lizard Range. #islandlakelodge11

#12 – Big White Summit

This mountain top is the highest accessible peak in the area and offers a stunning panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains #islandlakelodge12

#13 – Goldilocks – Upper Nonstop Pass

The top of the this trail is simply spectacular. You are sure to capture a stunning image here! #islandlakelodge13

#14 – Tamarack Trail – Bubbling Brook

This iconic spot may be the most romantic. Located near the start of the Tamarack and Lazy Lizard trails, this spot has a quaint bench in a groove of old growth cedar trees beside a bubbling brook. #islandlakelodge14

#15 – Tamarack Trail Ridge Top

Located at the top of the Tamarack Trail and on the Mt. Fernie Ridge, this spot has dramatic views up and down the Cedar Valley and towards Windy Pass. This trail also makes up part of the famous Heiko’s Trail. At the end of July, you will find the ridge top and approach filled with a variety of wildflowers. #islandlakelodge15

#16 – Mt. Baldy Loop Creek Crossing

Located on the lower part of the Mt. Baldy Loop, this spot has a creek crossing and at the right time of year, the banks are covered in wildflowers. Photo spot number #16 is well worth the effort and offers a unique photo opportunity.  #islandlakelodge16

#17 – Rail Trail

The Rail Trail is a historic part of the Cedar Valley and used to be a narrow gauge railway. On one of the stretches of trail, there is a long straight-away with trees on either side making for interesting photos.  #islandlakelodge17

#18 – Big White Trail – Tua Rock

Located on trail up to Big White, this photo spot is located under Tua Rock, a big outcrop feature in the alpine.  #islandlakelodge18

#19 – Goldilocks

Located on Goldilocks trail, this dramatic photo spot is on the East side of Baby Bear peak as you start the decent into the valley below. #islandlakelodge19

#20 – Tamarack Lodge Patio

This is one of the most photographed spots on the property. The Tamarack patio is an extension of our dining room and features spectacular views of the Lizard Range. #islandlakelodge20