Staff Profile - Reservations

The Island Lake office is located in downtown Fernie on 2nd Ave. Inside you will find our hard working reservations team, whom work year round making winter and summer reservations. This is no small task, as winter and summer are both incredibly busy. These 2 seasons are also two different businesses, which means one needs to switch “mindsets” continually between winter cat-skiing and summer bookings. The more busy we have become, the harder this switch between seasons is to keep straight. The teams cheerful and professional demeanour is often commented on by guests and other staff. The team is lead by reservation manager Caitlin Bates and consists of Kim Genovese and Kelsey Meeker. Here is a Q & A with them:


How long of you been at Island Lake?  2 years

What is your favourite season and why? Whilst I’m more of a summer person I love my job in the winter. The guests at Island Lake are constantly so blown away by everything that we offer and it is so satisfying hearing the excitement in their voice before they arrive, and having them call to rebook after they’ve been. Many of our guests have been coming catskiing for many years and it’s like speaking with old friends every time they call.

What is your favourite dish on the summer dining menu? The Beet Reuben, or the ravioli, or the Salmon, or the fruit galette with goats cheese ice cream, or the parfait…

What is your most memorable guest quote? Having guests tell you they love you when you get them booked in for catskiing is pretty memorable!

Your favourite Island Lake trail? Lazy Lizard. What could be better than finishing a gruelling bike ride with a beer and Beet Reuben at the Bear Lodge!


How long of you been at Island Lake? I have been with Island Lake Lodge for the past 7 months, including a winter and summer season.

What is your favourite season and why?  My favorite season would have to be the summer, when everything is green and lush again. I love having full access of the various hiking and biking trails that tour you around the unique and stunning Island Lake terrain.

What is your favourite dish on the summer dining menu? My favorite dish on the summer menu is spiced duck breast, and my favorite sweet plate is the pistachio parfait.

What is your most memorable guest quote? “Just wanted to pass on a huge thanks to the Island Lake staff for making our stay in Fernie such a wonderful experience. It was our first stay at the resort, and we are already discussing when we can get back next summer to enjoy the first class food/lodging, genuine service, and spectacular scenery and terrain J“

Your favourite Island Lake trail? My favorite trail (so far) at Island Lake Lodge is the Mount Baldy Loop, it gives you a beautiful 360 degree view of Island Lakes’ terrain and the Lizard Mountain range and the climb up isn’t too difficult.


How long of you been at Island Lake? I have been working for Island Lake just over 3 ½ years.

What is your favourite season and why? My favourite season to work is the winter.  I love working with the Cat Skiing guests and the flow of the tours. My personal favourite season is the summer, being able to enjoy the Lodge during my time off and getting to visit with the Lodge staff going up on the shuttle.

What is your favourite dish on the summer dining menu? My favourite dish is the strip loin steak with the risotto and broccolini.  I almost always have the Crème Brulee (whatever flavour) to complete my meal.

What is your most memorable guest quote? “This was the best vacation I ever had- everything was 5 star and I can’t wait to return”

Your favourite Island Lake trail? My favourite trail is The Old Growth Trail. I love the smell of the forest and the beautiful views. The best part is you hike up and can grab a snack and hike back down in just a couple of hours.