Glading Program 2019


Island Lake Glading 2019

Overview: Glading program priorities of safety, stewardship, run and road development, improvement and maintenance are the continued focus. Creating and maintaining opportunities for early season conditions, remain a priority. A significant effort was put in to widening roads and grooming zones, to accommodate newly acquired implements for the roadcat. 


Geisha Zone - Wolverine

  • Face Shots trees - Run improvement and tree spacing in the Wolverine Powder Finger Glades. Spacing and removal of avalanche damaged hazard trees on skiers right side of wolverine slidepath. Work was done on the wolverine ski through. 3.5 ha
  • Face Shots Bowl - Run improvements, tree spacing of exits and grooming zone, removal of avalanche damaged hazard trees on skiers left side of bowl. 2.5 ha
  • Geisha South - New run development, in area formerly known as Lost in the Trees. Glading done in thick timber fall line of Benches/Snowboad Hell. Run cleared to the confluence of Snowboard Heaven. 3 ha
  • Pigeon Road Gully - Slashing, tree spacing and pole saw pruning, to facilitate crucial grooming exit Geisha South and Wonderland. 1 ha
  • Nosey Road to Geisha Groomer - Widening and Vegetation management. 1 ha
  • 3 Bears Zone -Lower Nonstop Right - Run improvement, avalanche damaged hazard tree removal, fall line glading, new ski cutting escape routes. Run cleared from Baby Bear Traverse to the Football Field. 3 ha
  • Baby Bear Roll - Fall line glading, improved ski cutting escape routes. Baby Bear to Murrays Road. 1 ha
  • King Fir Traverse - Slashing from mid elevation on King Fir to the Football Field. Traverse is flagged and obvious. 1 ha
  • Cabin Bowl Traverse - Improved traverse slashed from the Cabin Bowl transition to Cabin Ridge nice and wide with enhanced sight lines. 1 ha
  • Thirstquencher Road - Road building option down slope of traditional route, will also provide a valuable escape route. 1 ha
  • Footballfield Road - Slashing of re gen and avalanche damaged hazard trees on road from Stump Fluff jct. To Football Field pick up. 1 ha

Lizard Back Zone 

  • Run improvement, glading on skiers right side of slidepath, avalanche damaged hazard trees removed. Run cleared from Lizard Pass drop to Woody pick up. 2.5 ha
  • Lunch Chucker and Lizard Pass Road - Creation of alternate routes at road building cruxs, tree removal to facilitate snow farming. 1 ha

Baldy Back Zone 

  • Howling Coyote - Run development, tree spacing, slashing and avalanche damaged hazard tree removal on legendary line. Run cleared from North Baldy to Back Side Road. 4 ha
  • Back Side Road - Slashing and widening, road improvements. 1.5 ha

Baldy Zone

  • Guides Line - Run improvement, tree spacing, slashing, improved ski cutting escape routes, danger tree removal. 2.5 ha
  • Sunny Side - Slashing and spacing, shallow snowpack enhancement. 2.5 ha
  • Easy Street - Slashing and spacing, shallow snowpack enhancement. 1.75 ha
  • Enchanted Forest - Slashing and Spacing, shallow snowpack enhancement. 1.5 ha

Mt. Fernie Zone

  • 5 Star - Slashing and some spacing, shallow snowpack enhancement. Cleared from Tam drop to the Iron Pass Road. 4.5 ha
  • Lower Teli Spring Road - Alternate route from the Golf Course to the Teli Spring pick up. 1.5 ha

Road System Slashing: 

  • Enchanted Road
  • North Baldy Road
  • Sunny Side Road
  • West Fernie Road
  • Elevator Skiout
  • Old Mag Road